Friday, July 29, 2011

It's a Why Not Thing

NOTE: I apologize to the cruise line who's slogan is the Nation of Why Not - I am only using it for entertainment purposes.

Hello! My name is Jean and I am a breast cancer survivor from the nation of Why Not. Our little nation has many survivors because as survivors we are put through a process so vigorous that eventually we determine "why not?" in response to questions about things we should do, or say, or eat. We are a tiny nation with self-regulated government. As long as each person works and provides their own way there is no use for a top-down government. Why not? Each citizen is allowed to live the way they choose with no one person telling them what to do. Why not? We are a peaceful nation as each person respects all others without any bias. Why not? We each have been through so much that it takes a true disaster of Biblical proportions for us to worry. Why not? We each make our own decisions and do what we choose. Why not? Some garden. Some take long walks. Some work and run the businesses. Some play. Some clean and do laundry. With everyone doing what they like out of respect for each other, the nation's businesses thrive and everything runs smoothly. Why not? We have all faced the very real possibility of there being no tomorrow so when given the choice to do something today or wait, we choose today. Why not?

We live in harmony with our thoughts, our spirits, our hearts, and those we love. Why not? We each believe in life after death but we vary on how it's lived. Why not? Our hearts and spirits guide us. We do not let everyday strife keep us from pursuing happiness. Why not? Trouble will come. Trouble has its own time. We deal with the trouble as it comes but live life to the fullest when trouble leaves. Why not?

I would invite you to come live in our beautiful nation but only survivors like us would understand. Only those whose bodies have been tortured beyond belief by cancer would know how to keep the harmony we so desperately need. I'm telling you about my lovely nation because once you are here it becomes part of you and you become part of it. There is no separating. There is no leaving. Hope is here. Happiness is here. In your world there is no hope. There is no happiness. Your people have not yet learned that basic lesson of live, laugh and love. I feel safe and loved. I would have never chosen to come here had I been given the choice. But the choice was not mine. My fate was handed to me and I made the best of what I was handed. So I then chose to move to the Nation of Why Not. It is why I survived. It is why I am beginning to blossom.

So to all my fellow citizens: Why not be mad that your clothes don't fit anymore? Why not have your "why not me" moments when something good happens to others and not to you? Why not be ok with not being ok? Why not get pampered a lot more than you used to? Why not take that trip that you think you can't afford or shouldn't take? Why not show everyone how strong you are in one breath and then how weak you feel in the next? Why not crave those moments when everyone envies your strength and courage?

This is how you will live. This is how you will survive. We do because we are survivors. We are an exclusive group who need to be understood and admired. Why not?

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