Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's a Simply Me Thing

Why is this blog called 'Simply Me?' Because that's really what it is - simply me. And simply me can be anything and everything depending on the day. I may feel like a rock star from Mars one day with a positive flow of energy and happy outlook on everything. The next day? I may feel like an earthworm - lowly, slimy, dirty, easily squished. All I feel is cold and dirt. All I see is darkness. Pluck me out of my safe spot and I may start wiggling and thrashing around trying to get away. I may even contradict myself. One day I will believe or think one way. The next I may cross over. That's being human. I think we hold writers and public figures in too high esteem. We expect them to be perfect, to never make a mistake, and to never, ever contradict themselves. But that's not humanly possible. As we are and as our lives ebb and flow, so will our emotions and outlook on the world. You could believe in Santa your whole life. Or you could become cynical about the myth and refuse to believe anything that you cannot put your fingers on. No one is required to believe or understand the same things the same way as everyone else in the same way every day.

Much frustration is bown from mass confusion caused by this sway of beliefs and practices. I think that is why we want those whose words we read to be steadfast and unchanging in their beliefs and way of living. Humans are social creatures and anything that upsets the societal belief system causes stress and frustration. Everyone deals with stress differently, but most would agree that in dealing with stress what they search for is comfort and stability. Thus the never-ending flow of redactions and retractions in today's information age. Don't rock the boat. Don't move my cheese.

I've always had the dream of some day writing a book or article which acts as a catalyst to being interviewed on local cable. That dream may or may not happen - it's up to me to make it happen - but in dreaming I wonder what I'll be asked about during the interview and how I would respond. For example, how would I answer if I was given 2 examples of where I contradicted myself in my writings. I would tell them exactly what I said here. I'm human. I change my mind. End of answer. But this brings up an interesting subject. How would you answer questions about things you've done or words you've written if asked by a reporter? How would you answer a prospective boss or client about what you post on the internet? How would you answer to God when asked about your life? It really puts a nice spin on things and adds a perspective few are blessed to experience. Having been through cancer twice my mind is uncluttered to trivial things, for some of the time at least. Tomorrow may be different. Tomorrow I could change my mind and I am burdened with trivial issues. But for today my answers are clear. I am sure of myself. Today is what I push for every day. What would your answers be?

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