Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's a Christmas Thing

There are many ways to say Merry Christmas. There are many reasons to celebrate and many carols to sing. But God laid on my heart a new song - actually, a different twist on an old favorite.

The twelve things at Christmas that I am thankful for:

12 - The dozens of blooms in our yard showing me that no matter how dormant and dead something may seem on the outside, life is still brimming on the inside just waiting to bloom again.
11 - The eleven bills I paid last month without wondering where the money was coming from. Do you realize how big a blessing that really is?
10 - The number of chances I get to make things right; well, maybe its more than 10.
9 - The number of angels surrounding my girls each and every day.
8 - The number of hours I'm able to work in a day at a job I love that provides for my family.
7 - The number children and grandchildren (of course I'm already counting the newest addition even though he/she is not here yet!).
6 - A magical age full of wonder and the blessing that we can remember long ago, a time past, when dreams were really big.
5 - The number of years I've been cancer-free.
4 - The number of bars on my black belt; yes it's a blessing because I'm physically fit and able to do something I love.
3 - The magical number of cats we always seem to have.
2 - This represents the two most loving, caring, perfectly imperfect parents who raised me to love, to question my world, to have a moral center and let God lead me.
1 - I'm most thankful for God letting me spend this life and the next with my husband, the one person who embodies the spirit of Christ - love, hope, patience, kindness, forgiveness.

As I was lying in bed dreaming of Christmas, I marveled at how simply God works. I was looking out my window and the clouds were very thick and heavy with coming rain. But the light of the moon was even stronger. It shone through enough to light up the sky like our very own nightlight. As I ponder on the things I'm most thankful for, it is this time of year that we celebrate Christ's birth. And I can't think of anything I'm more grateful for than God's forbearance of the human race and His capacity to love us beyond measure. He sent His son so that we could spend eternity with Him. As in the song, Anno Dominae, "the past can be forgiven, the future be rewritten". Like the moon shining through the darkness of the storm clouds, God's love can shine through the murkiest sins and make you new. May we remember in this world gone astray that God still loves us and is waiting.

May you all have a blessed, merry, peaceful Christmas and a joyous new year.

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