Monday, December 29, 2014

It's a Nole Thing

In honor of the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2015, between the Florida State Seminoles and Oregon, I am proud to present, courtesy of Ray Will, The Book of Beginnings, Florida's Amplified Version.

The Book of Beginnings

Chapter I
1 - In the beginning God created FSU and the football field. 2 - And God said, "We need a coach." So He created Bobby Bowden. 3 - And Bobby breathed life into the football program at FSU. 4 - So Bowden went about hiring coaches and recruiting players, 5 - and Bowden saw what he had created and was well pleased.

Chapter II
1 - And Bowden said, "Let us have dominion over all the animals and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the turf. 2 - And it was so; as Weldon, Ward, Weinke and Winston tossed the ball to and fro that the animals became confused and knew not what they were doing. 5 - And the long passes and quarterback sacks became thorns in their sides and they went home howling and licking their wounds.

Chapter III
1 - And so it was that the Seminole had control over all the animals - Gators, Lions, Bulldogs, and Tigers - and every other such wild thing that creepeth upon the turf. 2 - And Bowden looked again at what he had created and saw that it was very good. 3 - So Bobby and the team rested after the 1993 championship was theirs, and did not exercise, nor lift weights, nor watch films for many weeks. 4 - And so Bowden handed his legacy to Jimbo Fisher and saw that he had an excellent team.

The Book of Predictions

Chapter I
1 - For I testify that these words are true and that the records testify to that which I claim. 2 - He which testifies these things says, "Surely we did it last year and we can do it this year also, Amen. 3 - Grace and good sportsmanship and another national championship be to you and Nole fans everywhere.

I found these amongst some of my dad's other writings. Not everything he wrote was words of wisdom. Some were just whimsical and fun. I never knew how much he liked the Seminoles and that he watched every game. I also didn't know until a short while ago that one of my brothers played football for FSU. I added the words in italics to bring it into the present as he wrote this quite a few years (or decades) ago. So on this occasion as our Noles remain undefeated and look to win another championship, as Dad so eloquently put it, "Grace and good sportsmanship and another national championship be to you and Nole fans everywhere."

(c)Ray Will
(c) J.M. Amison

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