Friday, December 14, 2012

It's a Birthday Thing

Today is my birthday. I’m two. I was born on December 14, 2010. Impossible you say? If I’m only 2 how am I writing this? Well, aside from the fact that many 2 year olds are way more technologically savvy than I am, let’s just say I was re-born 2 years ago – not spiritually (I’ve been re-born in Christ for most of my life), and not physically (I’m much older than 2; I have shoes older than 2), but more like holistically. The years prior to my re-birth were spent worrying about trivial things, placing my faith in what I could see and touch, and not focusing on what was really important. I was living physically but not holistically.

I didn’t have a ‘moment’ or epiphany. It was a gradual re-birthing process initiated by a bout with breast cancer and a subsequent double mastectomy. And in those 2 years I have learned a lot. I am still learning as most 2 year olds do. And I will continue to learn until I am no more. So exactly what have I learned? Well, let’s see.

I learned to walk all by myself with the assurance that I was not alone. There were things I had to go through by myself, but I didn’t have to be alone. I was surrounded by friends, both new and old, and family.

I learned to share because there was no need for me to keep everything to myself. Whether those things are good or bad, it’s always better to share. Sharing the good means those around you can rejoice with you and give God the glory. Sharing the bad means you have someone to help you carry the load when you cannot do it by yourself.

I learned to tie my shoes. Not bad for a 2 year old. I also learned to dress myself. After being re-born my limbs and body didn’t cooperate as they tend to do just after a birth. My physical dexterity has greatly increased and I am now able to do those things all by myself.

I learned to feed myself. Not just food, but thoughts and words and time spent with family and friends. I learned to feed my soul and mind not just my physical self.

I learned it is ok to nap once in a while. As much as I like doing stuff all the time, like most 2 year olds, I eventually run out of steam. I used to muster up more energy to keep going. Now I have learned it’s ok to say no and take a nap instead. I’m much happier after sleep.

I learned that my outward appearance is not what matters. People see me for me. When you look at young children you don’t see their outward physical appearance. You see them for the adorable tot they are. I bet you don’t even notice what they’re wearing. Why? It doesn’t matter. What’s on the inside is what matters and what makes us special.

I learned to talk. Yes, I could talk up a storm when I was with friends, but amongst a big crowd I liked to stand in the shadows. I learned to speak up not only for myself but for others. If I have an opinion I can share it.

I learned not to be afraid of the dark. Yes, dark is still scary but fear is not the absence of courage. I spent a lot of time sticking my head in the proverbial sand hoping it would all just go away. I learned to face it head on. It’s not so scary when you know you can knock its head off with a well placed kick.

I believe I am braver and stronger than I knew I could be. Sometimes I don’t want to be, but I go as I am called. I love being 2. Here’s to many more birthdays!

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