Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's a Thanksgiving Thing

It may be old hat but as Thanksgiving day rolls around yet again we all take a moment to say what we are thankful for. Truth is even when things are rough we have something to be thankful about. If we can complain that means we are breathing, so we have our health. It means we can speak so we have an active mind and our brain is functioning. It means we are low and so only have one way to go....up.

As I sit here and blog from my phone I am thankful for technology that allows me to reach an audience once unreachable. I am also thankful that I cannot hear the tv because my daughter is laughing loudly with her friend in the next room. I am thankful that  the dog is whining to come in because it means I will have to move out from my comfort zone and go get her. I will then take the time to wash the dishes from all the food we had, put our clothes in the dryer, and stretch my foot so it can heal better and allow me to do Jazzercise.

At some point over the holiday my house will need means I have a home to keep us safe and dry and healthy. My daughter will have to work...she has a job, a really good job. We will do some shopping and join the masses for Black Friday so I'm thankful that we have the resources to spread a little bit of joy at Christmas. I will get to spend a whole day with my granddaughter which is just the cats many blessings rolled into that one word....granddaughter. I won't get much done that day that needs to be done but who cares?

After a busy weekend I will venture back to my job which I happen to love. It gives me heartburn one day and chocolate cake the next and some days I want to crawl in a hole. But I don't because I am ever thankful for the rollercoaster ride that is my job.

I will also undertake to continue learning my Jazzercise routines and TKD forms. Not an easy task especially with a heel that won't heal. Am I thankful for that? You bet. Why? Pain means I am working hard. It means I am trying and moving. I am not letting it stop me. It also tells me to rest when my body needs it.

Then it's back to dishes and laundry and animals and cleaning and homework and all the things that go into living each and every day. Thankful? Oh yes. Too many things to be thankful for to list them here.

So as you embark on your Thanksgiving festivities remember to be thankful...thankful that each day holds memories in the making and too many blessings to count.

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