Friday, July 13, 2012

It's a Purple Thing

I don't know why the American Cancer Society chose purple as the color to signify a cancer survivor. It's a cool color. I'm sure if I googled its history, the color purple would have a colorful past. It is the color of royalty. It defines richness. It is also a popular color for funky decor. Purple is not even a prime color. It is only a mix of blue and red.

As I was perusing the Atlantic shore this morning I noticed all the beautiful shells washed up by the never ending tide. There, mixed among the brown, orange, white and black shells were not red ones. Not blue. Not pink. Not yellow. But purple. And I thought about the ACS using the color for survivors. I find it inspiring that of all the colors on earth that shells could be, purple is the one non-earth tone among all the others. It really does signify survivorship. The ocean has survived since the dawn of time. It has survived wars, nuclear weapons, famine drought. Nothing will stop the tide from coming and going. Giving and taking. It is home to the largest creatures and the smallest. It will be here long after we are gone. So the word survivor describes the ocean. And I feel safe knowing God chose purple to signify a bright colorful spot among the dark and gloomy depths.

I also noticed that what is precious to some others reject. As Kellie and I were looking for more shells she was fascinated at the conch shell pieces she found. They weren't whole. They were broken and scarred yet you would think she had found gold. While most would reject the broken pieces in search of whole perfect shells she embraced the brokenness of those shells and saw the beauty within. I am convinced she has a heart like God's. And I believe that is what God looks for. He's not searching for the perfect shells. The perfect ones..although there were a few...were only miniscule in comparison to the millions of broken ones. He looks for the broken shells. The worn and tattered ones. It is in these He can do His best work.

So for those who feel less than perfect...fear not. God does not see your brokenness. He sees what you can be. The perfect shell for him to use as His home!

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