Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a Cold Shower Thing

We all have heard the saying, “When it rains it pours”, and most of us have experienced that at some point. For me it seems to always be true. Just when I think the rain is ending and the sunshine is on the way, here comes more rain. Rain is a good thing, I’ll admit, but too much of a good thing can be bad. On the good hand you get replenished streams and lakes and water tables, on the bad hand you get flooded streets and slippery road conditions. On the good hand you get drinking water for God’s creation. On the bad hand you get moldy yards and mudslides. On the flip side, too much sunshine is a good thing too.

I’ve had a tough year. I’m ok saying that. But just when I thought things were starting to even out, here comes the rain again (I hear the Eurythmics in my head singing that infernal line over and over again). First a tooth gets infected, then the car breaks down, then the water heater, then other issues resurface that I thought I had finally beat. And these are in addition to the everyday struggles we all have. So am I just complaining that I’m feeling a little like Job again? Or do I have understand there is a higher purpose involved?

Not really. It’s life – plain and simple – at least I wish it were simple. Life is hard. With roses come thorns. With rain comes thunder and lightning. With sunshine comes heat. But I do understand that the difficulty lies from a certain perspective. Really? Could my perspective really change how difficult things are? No. However it can help us deal with the reality of the difficult situation.

Take the infected tooth. I’ll need a root canal. Ouch you say. Yes, to my mouth for a short time and to my wallet for a longer period of time. Is it mendable? Yes. Is it a permanent difficulty? No. It is only for a season. After going through breast cancer, the dentist really doesn’t strike fear in me like it used to. Hmmm…wonder why that is.

Now to the broken down car. There was a gasket that connects the fuel line with the gas tank that had gone bad. Gas was leaking from the car. The mechanic told us it was good we caught it in time. My daughter – MY BABY GIRL – was driving a ticking time-bomb. It could have caught fire and exploded. All that had to happen was someone throwing a cigarette out the window and….my heart catches just thinking about how close to danger she was. So is there any amount of money that is too much to ensure my daughter’s safety? No. I’ll break the bank to make sure she’s safe. So is it fixable? Yes. God was looking out for her. We don’t know how long it was like that.

And to the water heater. We had to take a few cold showers in 33 degree weather but we’re ok. It didn’t flood the house. There was no water damage. And the DH was able to buy the replacement piping at Lowes and the plumber came out and replaced them. Is it fixable? Absolutely. Was it a little inconvenient? Yes, but only for a season.

So will I fret about other things going wrong? Probably. Will life always be difficult and heartrending and checkbook diminishing? Absolutely. Would I want it any other way? No. Bring it! I have a God bigger than anything life can throw at me and He’s given me the strength, perseverance, hope, faith and love I need to see me through it all.

P.S. – Just remind me I said that the next time the dishwasher decides to take a vacation!

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  1. Jean dear friend I know exactly what you mean If thete was not God to lean un and grow close to at times well id probly be on the front page of every newspaper in the world but.not for something good. PRESS on I say press on!!! Your friend Robert White