Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a Plant Thing

In the movie "Wall-E", future Earth has been trashed and the big company Buy N Large pretty much owns everything. Wall-E is the last remaining robot on Earth and he has one friend - a cockroach. Humans are forced to evaucuate Earth in cruise-ship style space vessels. Over the next millenia, the human race dwindles and becomes complacent while everything is handled by robots. They get to the point they don't even walk anymore. They are moved around on hovering chairs and drink each meal from a cup.

As part of the directives to return to populate Earth, robots are sent out to the planet to search for signs of life. EVE, the white female robot that Wall-E falls in love with, has such a directive. Her one and only job is to search for anything resembling a plant. If a plant can be fund, that means life has resumed on the once fertile planet and the ship can return its passengers to repopulate Earth.

Towards the end of the movie, EVE has found a plant and returns it to the main cruise ship. The captain thinks this means Earth is ready for human inhabitants again and gets excited. He searches for information on all the things that Earth has that they don't on the cruise ship. Things like dancing, singing, music, cooking, baking, planting seeds - all the things we do every day and take for granted. He looks at the plant with wonder and marvels how that one tiny plant survived. In all the devastation, through all the instant gratification, the Captain wants to know about mundane, every day life and is struck by how beautiful it really is. Even some of the passengers, after being cast from their virtual world chairs, discover the pool on the Lido deck. They are shown splashing and having fun, declaring they never knew there was a pool.

It's a good analogy for us. In these days of bad news, poor economy, stressing over jobs and money, health issues and just everyday living, we need to find the marvel of life again. One small thing can be our surviving plant - that's all it takes to start a garden - one plant. I think we tend to forget about the little blessings we receive each and every day because we focus so much on the bad things that are happening all around us. I'm guilty. I do it. I fuss and muss over little things because I'm stressed over bigger things, all the while forgetting about the beautiful and timely albeit small gifts in my life. My little plant surviving in an old shoe. It can be as simple as tucking your children safely into bed at night. Or driving to work and your car not breaking down or having a flat tire. Having a job to drive to every day. Knowing your bills are paid for the month and there's still a little grocery money left over. Getting a full paycheck from work even though you have to be out for illness because of the kindness of someone you work with. Having your pets greet you at the front door. Having someone who loves you greet you at the front door. Looking out your window and seeing all the colors of spring and hearing the baby birds chirp in the nest on your front porch. Winning tickets to a concert. Listening to the radio and having an impromptu dance party in your living room because you don't have tickets. Reciving a birthday card in the mail from a long-lost friend. These are the little blessings that are sent our way each and every day to help us live in this gray existence we call life. It's not all roses and even it if were, roses have thorns; lemons are sour without sugar, and oranges have seeds. But your little plant can survivve the thorns and the sour and the seeds because a little bit of water and sunshine can make everything bright and new. Be an EVE - watch for signs of life then grab it!

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