Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a Tweet Thing

Ok so I'm tweeting now. Everyone tweets. Or chats. Or Facebook's. Or emails. Or texts. Does no one just talk anymore? Some days I want to talk to someone so bad I could just explode. An email doesn't do it. A text is just, well, a text! It's impersonal. It's distanced. It's not me. I'm a product of the "reach out and touch someone just be careful where you touch them" generation. We spent hours on the phone talking till the wee hours of the morning. I remember my dad paying for a second number and line in the house - which at the time was unheard of - just so I could talk to my friends and he wouldn't miss calls about work. Where did those days go?

I know we all grew up and got busy, but our kids don't spend hours on the phone anymore - not talking anyway. They'll go to the movies and hang out but guess what? They're on the phone TEXTING to the friends they're with or with other friends who couldn't make it! People even date online these days. No face to face dates, at least not in the beginning.

I need good, honest, real conversation. It helps to talk things out. That's why people go to counselors. We're not always looking for someone else to solve our problems. We just need that connection to a real flesh and blood person who won't judge us or try to make us do one thing or another. They're there just to listen, to provide a comforting shoulder, to just listen as we cry and sob our way through what we're feeling. Sometimes we just want someone to validate that we are allowed to feel the way we feel.

We as humans need personal, physical contact with our fellow humans. Texting and tweeting are all ok, and I'll put blogging in there too. But a face to face is just the ticket sometimes. So go find that special someone or best friend and have a good, long chat.

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